So, as per the Covid-19 craziness all my live workshops will be online for the first few months of 2021.

I have several anytime online courses which are great but for those of you who want a LIVE and interactive experience (possibly with the appearance of a miniature sausage dog) then check out the workshops below!



The FREE Lucid Dream Drop-In!


The Lucid Dream-drop in is a chance for dreamers around the world to share their dreams, explore ideas and have a Q&A session with me.

Whether you're a seasoned pro at lucid dreaming or an absolute beginner come and share your dream world challenges and breakthroughs with a super friendly crowd.



Super Lucid: 7 Week Advanced Lucid Dreaming Course


After literally hundreds of requests over the past few years I am finally launching a brand new course for dreamers who want to go deeper, much much deeper!
No beginner techniques, no basic practices, no newbie lucid dreamers: just a group of intermediate to advanced lucid dreamers who are ready to level up their practice.
I am genuinely excited for this course, it's gonna be really, really good.


mindfulness workshops


For those of you wanting to explore Mindfulness meditation workshops and courses then check out the Mindfulness Association which offers trainings based on the work of my teacher Rob Nairn.

Lucid Dreaming Training for Therapists

In 2019 I ran my first ever Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training with a group of qualified psychotherapists, mindfulness teachers, psychologists,  hypnotherapists, health care professionals and educators. Although the training is not currently running click the button below for more info and to meet the graduates.

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david hamilton

Author of How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body and The Five Side Effects of Kindness

Lucid dreaming has huge potential. I learned so much from Charlie’s teachings and I will return to them time and time again.

Katrina Martin

Mindfulness practitioner

Charlie is an incredible teacher. His energy and enthusiasm are contagious, and combined with his expertise and passion for the subject of lucid dreaming, stimulates a fascinating learning experience. Through his teachings and guidance, I have established a lucid dreaming practice which has transformed my relationship with myself and others around me. This is life-changing stuff and I highly recommend Charlie’s offerings

ELINE kieft

Dance guide, anthropologist

Charlie Morley is a wonderfully down-to-earth guide to the fascinating world of lucid dreaming. Whether you are interested in the science behind your night-time experiences or want to use it as part of your spiritual practice, he offers a modern everyday translation of dreaming practices that are at the heart of many cultures. Highly recommended!


If you have a specific question be sure to check out my FAQ section and if you can’t find the answer you’re after, feel free to send me an email at

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