Lucid Dreaming Made Easy

Lucid dreaming is the art of becoming conscious within your dreams. Charlie Morley has been lucid dreaming since he was a teenager and has trained with both Eastern and Western experts in this profound practice. 

In this introductory guide, Charlie explains how lucid dreaming is a powerful gateway into the subconscious mind and how it can help you transform, improve and heal all areas of your life.

Learn how you can use the virtual reality of the dream state to:

- live a more awakened life
- understand your addictions and unhealthy behaviours
- heal phobias and overcome fears
- forgive the pastexplore creative ideas

This kickstart guide will give you everything you need to become lucid in your dreams and more conscious in your life!

This book was previously published under the title Lucid Dreaming: A Beginners Guide (Hay House Basics series).

Dreams of Awakening has currently been translated into 5 languages


rob nairn

Author of Living, Dreaming, Dying

I have run joint retreats with Charlie and I consider him to be the most experienced and authentic practitioner of lucid dreaming teaching in Europe. He has been training since his teens and this book offers a training programme based on this unique practical experience.

Sergio Magaña

Author of 2012-2021:The Dawn of the Sixth Sun

I have been involved in the Toltec culture of dreaming for many years and Charlie´s book is one of the best I have ever read about dreams. We are entering a new period of time in which the ancient lineages of dreamers were predicted to be rediscovered, and Charlie Morley is giving a treasure for these times, a modern view on the ancient Tibetan practices of dreaming.

robert waggoner

Author of Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self

Joyfully exploring consciousness, lucid dreaming and Buddhism, Charlie Morley gently stretches the reader’s mind to accept dream yoga’s premise of real awakening.  I recommend this for everyone on the lucid dreaming path.

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