CPD Graduates 2019

In 2019 I ran my first ever Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training with a group of qualified psychotherapists, mindfulness teachers, psychologists,  hypnotherapists, health care professionals and educators.

This first group of 17 graduates have all done over 100 hours of training with me and I am happy to personally recommend them all.

They have a diverse range of skills between them but the unifying theme is that they are all trained in how to share and teach lucid dreaming. Please check out their work and feel free to get in contact directly with them through the links below.

Kat is a mindfulness practitioner based in the Scottish Highlands, offering guidance in mindful living of both wakefulness and sleep.

Her practice is informed by her own experiences surrounding mental health and wellbeing, with nature connection weaving deeply into her work. www.katrinamartin.uk

Florian Divi, Facilitator of Lucid Dreaming and Mindfulness of Dream & Sleep

Florian Divi is a mindfulness of dream and sleep facilitator with an academic background in visual arts. Born in Austria he studied oil painting at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and Traditional Japanese Painting at Tokyo University of the Arts in Japan. He has been training Tai chi and other movement practices over two decades and involves himself deeply into the art of Dream Yoga.

If he is not traveling to remote corners of this planet you will most probably find him teaching in Vienna or in Prague. Through the insightful world of conscious dreaming, he will guide you on decoding your inner world.

You can find out more about Florian under https://dreamdecoding.art from where he is serving the English as well as the German speaking dream community.


Jane Weston is a teacher and trainer for Mindfulness of Dream and Sleep and Lucid Dreaming.

Jane has been a Buddhist for forty years and her experience and practice of mindfulness training spans that period.

Jane studied Social Anthropology at Cambridge University which gave her a life-long interest in the beliefs of cultures other than her own and particularly their medicine and philosophy. After a career in broadcast media, Jane trained in traditional Chinese medicine as a Five Element acupuncturist and practised for 25 years. Jane is a long term student of Chogyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche who was a recognised Dzogchen Master and practitioner of dream yoga, teaching in the tradition of Tibetan Buddhism

Her YouTube channel can be accessed HERE  and her Facebook page HERE

Hi! My name is Eline and I facilitate spaces to thrive, using dance, nature, stories, shamanic techniques and of course lucid dreaming! I combine my passion for anthropology, culture, symbols, spirituality, movement and embodied inquiry, personal growth and community.

My academic background includes cultural and medical anthropology (BA, MA), bridging my a strong interest in dance, healing and spirituality – which in many cultures are closely connected. In my PhD I looked at the influence of dance on empowerment, healing and spirituality. I work as a part-time Research Fellow at the Centre for Dance Research, Coventry University, where I continue to deepen my understanding of these areas.

Alongside my academic training, I studied in-depth with the Scandinavian Center for Shamanic Studies and the School of Movement Medicine, a contemporary shamanic dance practice. These two strands inform my background as a shamanic practitioner, dance facilitator and also ceremonial leader.


Monica Varo, a qualified practitioner of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, and counselling.

I am also fully trained in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).  My belief is that every client is an individual; unique in their needs and aspirations, as well as deserving of respect, empathy and confidentiality. So as an experienced therapist with a wealth of techniques in many areas of therapy, I tailor each session to the needs of my client.

Whether a person is seeking change, improvement, or acceptance of aspects of their life, I always work with what the client brings and together we set about achieving the outcome they desire.


Leah Larwood is a hypnotherapist, wellbeing writer and poet, and is training to also become a poetry therapist and mindfulness teacher. She currently offers hypnotherapy sessions via Zoom, and online workshops teaching folk, including creatives and tired parents, how to use lucid dreaming and the different sleep states to support their creative projects and wellbeing.
She combines hypnosis, guided visualisations and therapeutic writing exercises in her approach.
@meetthemoonlab (Instagram)
@Themoonlab (Twitter)

Based in Bristol, UK, Rosanne Jacks has been interested in dreaming and lucid dreaming for as long as she can remember. With an honours degree in Natural Sciences with Earth Sciences from the Open University, teaching Introduction to Lucid Dreaming workshops combines her two passions of science and spirituality.

Her workshops focus on the techniques for achieving lucidity, the benefits of lucid dreaming and how participants can harness those benefits to enhance their waking lives. Groups are small so that everyone gets plenty of individualised attention for their own specific needs and issues. Rosanne is half Spanish, half American and offers workshops in Spanish as well as in English. 

For more information on Rosanne including workshop dates and free information session dates see her Facebook page: Rosanne Jacks – Lucid Dreaming.