What is Mindfulness of Dream & Sleep?




What is Mindfulness of Dream & Sleep?

Mindfulness of Dream & Sleep is a holistic approach to lucid dreaming and conscious sleeping that I have created with Buddhist meditation teacher, Rob Nairn. This new approach is not just about learning how to lucid dream; rather, it is about how to use all areas of falling asleep, dreaming and waking up for spiritual and psychological growth.

Mindfulness of Dream & Sleep is comprised of three main practices: mindfulness meditation, lucid dream training from both the Western and Tibetan Buddhist traditions and conscious sleeping techniques called ‘hypnagogic and hypnopompic mindfulness’. Our hope is that by combining Western and

Eastern techniques we can bridge the gap between the often superficial scope of Western lucid dreaming practices and the often inaccessible Tibetan dream yoga practices. Mindfulness of Dream & Sleep is for people who want to go beyond lucid dreaming into something much deeper.

Mindfulness of Dream & Sleep is essentially about bringing mindful awareness into all stages of our sleep cycle, allowing us to make use of the full 30 years we spend asleep, rather than just the six years we spend dreaming. By developing our training across all phases of sleep, rather than just within the lucid dream state, we can offer a far more holistic and wide-ranging system with benefits that extend well beyond our dream world into our waking life.

If you want a 5 minute round up on what Mindfulness of Dream & Sleep is check out this video: