What are the benefits of Lucid Dreaming?




What are the benefits of lucid dreaming?

There are so many benefits to lucid dreaming but in a nutshell, once you become conscious within your unconscious mind you can (much like through hypnotherapy) make lasting changes to your body and mind while you sleep.

A few of my favorite benefits of lucid dreaming are:

  • Psychological healing (phobias, trauma, confidence)
  • Physical healing
  • Spiritual practice while you sleep
  • Exploration of the unconscious mind
  • Treatment of PSTD and nightmare integration
  • Increasing and tapping into creativity
  • Preparation for death and dying
  • Enhanced learning and access to past memory
  • Lucid living and waking up to your full potential
  • Having fun (it’s the most fun you can have in your pyjamas!)

This list could go on and on but maybe best to check out this video for a 5 minute round up of these benefits:

The benefits of lucid dreaming