Sept 2014

Sept 2014

Welcome to the 3rd of my NEW LOOK blog/newsletter offerings packed full of cool video links and lucid news!

I’ve just got back from a great 3 week tour of SOUTH AFRICA & ZIMBABWE running retreats and workshops. Quite tiring but lots of fun! Wanna see some pics from tour?  CLICK HERE!

After a few people had a bit of a lack of confidence in their ability to dream lucidly my musings this month are on…


Some people might be blocking their potential to have lucid dreams through the self-doubt that makes us think that they can’t have lucid dreams, or that lucid dreams are only for special people.

This is nonsense! Lucid dreaming is for everybody who dreams. If you sleep you dream, and if you dream you can lucid dream – whether you sleep in the park or the palace, lucid dreaming is available to you.

In fact every person reading this has probably had multiple lucid dreams already, even if they don’t remember them. This is because children and adolescents naturally lucid dream – not every night and not every child, but the majority of children experience numerous lucid dreams as part of their psychological development.

The fact that children and adolescents have spontaneous lucid dreams tells us two important things: firstly that lucid dreaming is a natural, unprompted arising of the human mind (rather than an alien imposition forced upon it), and secondly that you don’t need to learn how to lucid dream, you just need to remember how.

So in conclusion, don’t sweat it, your lucid dreams are waiting for you once you drop the doubt and replace it with enthusiastic confidence!

Right, musings over! A full schedule of my WORKSHOPS & RETREATS can be found at the bottom of this e mail but for now please enjoy all the other cool BOOKS, VIDEOS and QUOTES that I have put together for you this month.

With love and lucidity,

September Highlights

  • DANCE & DREAMING? Yup, that’s exactly what I’ll be doing at this retreat with the amazing SCHOOL OF MOVEMENT MEDICINE from 24th-28th September in Devon, UK.To hear what I have to say about the links between dance and dreaming in my guest blog post CLICK HERE!


  • CHARLIE ON THE RADIO? Its true! This month I have a 6 WEEK SLOT on Hay House radio called SPOTLIGHT UK in which I will be interviewing some of my favourite authors and discussing some of my favorite subjects including the divine feminine, the dark side & the shadow and in my first show (broadcast last week) the ancient Toltec-Mexihca lineage with my good friend SERGIO MAGANA! Register and check it out here:

Favorite videos of the month

This heart beautiful video of hardened ex- gang member softened by his love for his dying dog comes with a big WEEPER WARNING!

After that you might need cheering up so check out this great spoofBUDDHIST RAPPER offering rhyming insights into being Zen! This guy reminds me of my rapper past a bit too much actually! 😉

And finally a newly discovered (by me anyway!) video featuring HH DALAI LAMA and dream yoga master  Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche discussing the ancient Tibetan dream practices:

This month there have been over a douzen articles published on lucid dreaming all based around a breakthrough study on problem solving as reviewed below on The British Psychological Society website.

There is also a nice piece featuring yours truly from Business Insider in which i discuss lucid dreaming more generally.


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