Here are a few of the mainstream press articles that have featured my work.

And here are a few of the alternative press articles that have featured my work too.

Workshop Testimonials

“Charlie is a natural born teacher. He created a safe space to explore and the workshop itself was truly mind bending. Charlie’s workshops are truly a remarkable experience.” – Koelle Simpson (Master Life Coach trained by Martha Beck)

 “Lucid dreaming used to look like a goal to me.  Now it looks like a doorway to something decidedly more vast and rewarding.  Charlie didn’t so much teach me how to dream as how to wake up. Charlie himself is a remarkable person.  The integrity of his teaching runs deep.  His perceptiveness is eye opening, both literally and figuratively.  And he’s fun to be around.  I consider myself lucky that my wife gave me Daddy-time-off to be with him for a week.” – Wallace (Shamanic practitioner)

“I feel so grateful that these long hidden secrets that allow such an incredible ‘awakening’ have been made available to me from such a talented teacher.” – Tara Wood (founder of Wild Fitness)

“In almost 10 years of spiritual practice, this was by far the most profound 3 days of awakening. It was fun and wondrous! Not only do I look forward more to my sleep and dreams, but also to my waking life too.” – Cristoforo G (musician)

“Very interesting and informative. Learned a lot, loads of practical tips and exercises. Charlie was very funny too!” Christine, London.

“I have problems with insomnia which is due to being on the number 30 bus that was blown up at Tavistock Square in London on 7/7/05. I have had PTSD and consequently have to take strong medication every night to sleep. So sleeping had become a ‘big problem’. However on the Retreat once Charlie had explained it all to me and gently guided us all into the practice I noticed very signification changes in my sleep and was able to participate fully in all the exercises and practice with no problem. It was as if what I viewed as a ‘problem’ was actually an aid to this. I was amazed. This has changed my whole perspective to sleep and now do not view my situation as a ‘problem’. I have been practising since the retreat with significant benefits to my mind, my life and indeed my whole being. Thank you Charlie.” – Angela.

“After attending one of Charlie’s talks I walked away with a deeper understanding of the spiritual benefits of lucid dreaming as well as practical resources for inducing lucidity. His enthusiasm for this wonderful practice is infectious!” – Mythili T (artist)

“Excellent workshop! A lot of information, very practical and to the point. Great presentation and  entertaining too!” – Dmitry, London