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In this collection of guided meditations, hypnotic inductions, wake-up tracks and teachings, Charlie Morley presents his first ever audio guide to help us sleep more mindfully and dream more lucidly. Using music from cutting-edge producers such as Fybe:One, hypnosis inductions from hypnotherapy experts Valerie Austin & Katie Glen and PAM (Phased Amplitude Modulation) Audio Technology from Monroe Institute board adviser Dr Phillip Davis, this is not your usual ‘go to sleep’ CD, but rather a collection of inspired tracks designed to wake us up to the third of our lives that we spend asleep.

Based on more than 13 years of personal experience and the best of both Western and Tibetan Buddhist sources, these tracks allow the listener to unlock their own innate capacity for lucid dreaming and mindful sleeping. Bedtime just got interesting.


Audio CD Inlay PDF (instructions for when to use each track)

Lucid Dreaming PDF

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CD One

1. Lucid Living

2. The Tao of Dozing

3. What Where You Dreaming About?

4. Mindfulness of Sleep

CD Two

1. Dreams of the Future

2. ‘Wake Up and Smile!’

3. Hypnosis Pre-talk

4. Lucid Dreaming Self-Hypnosis