Lucid Dreaming and Mindfulness of Dream and Sleep


  • 60 exclusive tutorial videos
  • Over 5 hours of cinematic footage
  • Interactive guided meditations
  • Custom made animations and graphics
  • No start dates, no expiry dates.

This 7 week online video course is based on Charlie’s bestselling book Dreams of Awakening. Watch the short trailer below for more info.

What will the course explore?

  • how to lucid dream
  • the history and benefits of lucid dreaming
  • how to practice Mindfulness of Dream & Sleep
  • cutting edge sleep and dream research
  • prophetic dreams, lucid living and what lies beyond the boundaries of lucidity!

Is this course for you? Yes, if you want to…

  • Learn how to lucid dream
  • Explore your sleep and dreams through Mindfulness of Dream & Sleep
  • Expand your personal and spiritual growth into the 30 years you spend sleeping
  • Better understand your dreams
  • Learn how to integrate stress, anxiety, phobias, past trauma, physical ailments or recurrent nightmares through dream-work
  • Access your higher wisdom and inner guidance while they sleep