Level 1 Certification in Lucid Dreaming

Level 1 Certification

After 10 years of teaching I am now offering certification in lucid dream training.

Everybody loves a certificate, right? Not me. I’ve never really seen the point of them so this isn’t about getting a certificate (although the certificates do look really cool ) it’s about committing to 55 hours of training… AND getting a cool certificate!

The Level 1 Certification requires that you complete the following:

NB: if you have done the lucid dreaming sleepover retreat twice then that counts for the weekend workshop.

Level 1 Certification Video

The Benefits of Certification

The Benefits of Level 1 Certification 

1. You become eligible for the “Beyond Lucidity” advanced retreats which I will be running in 2020 once we have enough Level 1 Certified Practitioners.

2. You get a supercool certificate to validate over 55 hours of training!

3. You become eligible to apply for the Lucid Dreaming CPD Training For Therapists launching in September 2019.

NB: The CPD training will be open to all qualified (or currently in training) psychotherapists, mindfulness teachers, psychologists,  hypnotherapists, health care professionals, educators and therapists who have completed the Level 1 Training. More info below.

Claiming your Certificate

How to claim your Level 1 Certificate

Once you have completed the 55 hours of training and had at least 5 fully lucid dreams you just need to do 2 things..

1. E mail Charlie at dreamyoga@live.com explaining when you completed each part (“I did the weekend workshop back in 2010, then I did the Holy Isle retreat, the online course and I’ve had 5 lucid dreams etc etc”)

2. Choose whether you want  your certificate e-mailed to you for FREE or you can Paypal me £7 for me to send you a hard copy, high quality colour printed on card, 1st class mailed and personally signed.

CPD Training for Therapists

For all the information about the CPD training  for therapists CLICK HERE