Level 1 Certification and CPD Training

Level 1 Certification

After 10 years of teaching I am now offering certification in lucid dream training.

Everybody loves a certificate, right? Not me. I’ve never really seen the point of them so this isn’t about getting a certificate (although the certificates do look really cool ) it’s about committing to 55 hours of training… AND getting a cool certificate!

The Level 1 Certification requires that you complete the following:

NB: if you have done the lucid dreaming sleepover retreat twice then that counts for the weekend workshop.

The Benefits of Certification

The Benefits of Level 1 Certification 

1. You become eligible for the “Beyond Lucidity” advanced retreats which I will be running in 2020 once we have enough Level 1 Certified Practitioners.

2. You get a supercool certificate to validate over 55 hours of training!

3. You become eligible to apply for the Lucid Dreaming CPD Training For Therapists (see below) launching in September 2019.

NB: The CPD training will be open to all qualified (or currently in training) psychotherapists, mindfulness teachers, psychologists,  hypnotherapists, health care professionals, educators and therapists who have completed the Level 1 Training. More info below.

Claiming your Certificate

How to claim your Level 1 Certificate

Once you have completed the 55 hours of training and had at least 5 fully lucid dreams you just need to do 2 things..

1. E mail Charlie at dreamyoga@live.com explaining when you completed each part (“I did the weekend workshop back in 2010, then I did the Holy Isle retreat, the online course and I’ve had 5 lucid dreams etc etc”)

2. Choose whether you want  your certificate e-mailed to you for FREE or you can Paypal me £7 for me to send you a hard copy, high quality colour printed on card, 1st class mailed and personally signed.

Lucid Dreaming CPD Training for Therapists

Lucid Dreaming CPD Training for Therapists

This Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training will be open to all qualified (or currently in training) psychotherapists, mindfulness teachers, psychologists,  hypnotherapists, health care professionals, educators and therapists.

This CPD training meets the CPD requirements of British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

To be eligible for this training you MUST have completed the Level 1 Certification (full info above)

Some of the key topics that the CPD training will cover:

  • Full in-depth training in how to offer lucid dreaming techniques in 1-on-1 settings and to small groups (this will make up 70% of the course)
  • Role play scenarios to test out and practice our skills with each other.
  • Each participant presents a 15 minute TED talk style talk to the group on a lucid dream topic.
  • Guest teachers including qualified psychotherapists will give presentations on safeguarding and how to implement lucid dreaming skills into ones practice.
  • Learning modules include: lucid dreaming, guiding hypnagogic mindfulness sessions, nightmares, insomnia, sleep hygiene and other frequently presented conditions and how to help clients with these.

Other details:

  • 10am-6pm Friday 6th Sept- Sunday 8th 2019 and  Friday 15th Nov to Sunday 17th 2019.
  • 3 online webinars and 1 personal skype session with Charlie.
  • Central London venue
  • 45 hours of CPD training (taking the total up to 100 hours including the Level 1 training)
  • Learning and prep work to be done between the two weekends
  • Cost: £1350 early bird (until March 7th 2019) then £1650 full price, both options payable in installments (first installment is non-refundable deposit). Cost includes 45 hours of training, all materials and CPD certificate

Please e mail Charlie at dreamyoga@live.com with any questions or queries.