July 2014

July 2014

I want to apologise…

I realise that I haven’t really been offering you guys anything of VALUE in these newsletters other than loads of info about my workshop dates.

As most of you have done one of my workshops already it didn’t really give you any INCENTIVE to even open the e mail either!

This was a real INSIGHT for me, so from now on…

My newsletters are going to be DIFFERENT!  🙂

They’ll still contain all the workshop dates (including the new SOUTH AFRICAN TOUR dates)  but that will be secondary to:

  •  My FAVORITE videos of the month (particularly interesting online talks which I recommend watching)

  • Links to the LATEST articles and research about lucid dreaming.

  •  Recommended reading (books that I’ve personally loved)

  • “Charlie says” quotes from Dreams of Awakening and  my NEW book Lucid Dreaming: A Beginners Guide

  • And even the odd competition too!

The aim is to give you guys a newsletter that you will WANT to open and NOT just try and sell you my workshops!

I hope you enjoy this new approach…

With love and lucidity,

Favorite videos of the month

A brilliant piece of spoken word set to music which make your heart burst!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBVJuA0jr6Y&app=desktop

A great new TED talk full of tips for any teachers or speakers out there:

An amazingly hypnotizing form of dance from Chechen Sufis

Graham Hancock’s famously banned TED talk (just in case you missed it!)

New lucid dream research

The esteemed UK newspaper The Guardian runs two articles on lucid dreaming in as many months! This stuff is really going mainstream this year!




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