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Since July 2014 I have been transforming my usual monthly Newsletter into a monthly blog.

My latest blogs contain VIDEOS, ARTICLES, BOOKS and QUOTES. Enjoy!

MARCH 2015: has consciousness got an on/off switch?

FEBRUARY 2015: IGNITE 2015, Full Moons for Lucidity and... Lucid Dreamers have Bigger Brains!?

JANUARY 2015: My NEW BOOK launch, lucid dream sex toys and Doctor Who getting lucid!

DECEMBER 2014: Psychedelics, Seeing Auras + first few months of my 2015 workshop schedule!

NOVEMBER 2014: Embracing death, DMT and Gateways of the Mind.

OCTOBER 2014: A war veteran's Inner Child, Lucid Sufis and some of the best Gospel singing EVER!

SEPTEMBER 2014: Self-doubt, dying dogs and Charlie's new radio show!

AUGUST 2014: Charlie Chaplin and South African dreamers.

JULY 2014: You will want to open this one...