August 2014

August 2014

Welcome to the second of my NEW APPROACH blog/newsletter offerings packed full of cool video links, suggested reading and new articles on lucid dreaming!

Tonight I fly to SOUTH AFRICA for a 3 week tour and the thing about South African’s that I love is this: they really DO the practice!

They don’t philosophize about it, they don’t theorize about it; they follow the wise words of the goddess of running shoes and JUST DO IT. See you soon guys!

Check the SOUTH AFRICAN DREAMERS out in action here:

*The MUST WATCH classic TED talk from Sir Ken Robinson.

*One of the GREATEST pieces of spoken word by the late great CHARLIE CHAPLIN CLICK HERE!

*Think you k now what BREAKDANCE looks like? To check out the boundaries being smashed my  friend Shun CLICK HERE

This month both the Huffington Post and even the Daily Mail (oh yes) have published articles on lucid dreaming.


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